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This is our exclusive 2X2 Forced Matrix designed to reward members fast and generously.

Just invite 2 people and help them get 2 to cycle.  Cycle and get paid. 

The benefit of our 2X2 matrix is that it allows members to receive spillover from Direct Sponsor, from upline, and from the company.

You may have seen other 2X2 matrix plans but what sets us apart is our Active or Passive systems.

By being an active promoter, you can cycle instantly by referring new members.  Your referrals will also cycle under you to help you cycle even more, and earn more.

Passive members can also earn here with our company-forced plans.  Purchases go in order on a first come-first served basis.  Everyone cycles and everyone earns.

Unique Next in Line page shows who will cycle next from company promotions.