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Consistent Profit
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Payouts: $833.78

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How It Works

Consistent Profit has 2 Pay Plans.  The 2X2 Matrix, and The Cycler.

The Copper 2X2 Matrix starts at only $1

When you cycle, you get $1 Plus
Double Re-Entries (worth $2)
Earn 25 Cents when your referrals cycle
Free Entry to Cycler Plan

Your referrals follow you to help you cycle faster.

This is the best 2X2 Plan because of double re-entries.

Every other 2X2 just gives you 1 re-entry where your income is linear and limited.
With Consistent Profit, your double re-entries will become 4, then 8, then 16 and so on.

Copper Cycler Plan is Only 50 Cents

50% of all purchases are in profit.  We don't make you wait until later stages to profit.  We put you in profit in Level 1!

The Cycler is a 100% company forced matrix plan, where everyone that purchases after you, is in your downline and helps you.

All Levels are 1X2
No Referring Needed

Only $0.50

Pay Plan:
Level 1: $0.55 ---> In Profit!
Level 2: $0.06
Level 3: $0.10
Level 4: $0.20
Level 5: $1.00 ---> You made 3.82 times your money!

Matching Bonus:
Level 1: $0.03
Level 2: $0.03
Level 3: $0.06
Level 4: $0.10
Level 5: $0.25

When you cycle Level 5:
Get Free Entry to Copper 2X2 Matrix (worth $1)
Get Free Entry to Silver Cycler (worth $1.75)

The Cycler feeds the 2X2 Matrix and the 2X2 Matrix feeds the Cycler.

Consistent Profit is a self-sustaining site. Everyday at least 5 positions will be added by the company for guaranteed cycling regardless if members promote or if sales are made or not.

Membership fee
There is a one-time membership fee of $5 which will be deducted on your first withdrawal. This fee makes the site sustainable so rest assured, you will have a life-time of extra income with Consistent Profit.


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